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Our Philanthropy

Colgan Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation founded by Sean P. Colgan to benefit athletic, scientific, and Catholic education communities. Since 1995, Colgan Foundation has lent support to charities and organizations with these aims:

Our Mission

  • To provide funding for the sport of rowing, both in the United States and internationally. Rowing produces a great sense of pride and accomplishment, as athletes work as a team to meet its physical and mental challenges.
  • To create educational initiatives for all levels of Catholic education, with a particular focus on schools in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area.
  • To support scientific research, with a particular focus on conservation.

Featured Projects

Shark Migration

Sponsor of a research study at Florida Atlantic University’s Elasmobranch
Research Laboratory, charting the behavior of blacktip and spinner sharks.
Instagram: @sharkmigration

Donation of a bus to the El Salvador Olympic Committee

Donation of a boat to the US Olympic Training Team

About Sean Colgan

Sean Colgan rowing

A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the product of a Catholic education, Sean Padraic Colgan discovered the sport of rowing as an international economics student at the University of Pennsylvania. Upon graduation in 1977 he received the Hobson Award, given to the varsity athlete with the highest academic average.

Some of the highlights of Colgan’s illustrious 20-year rowing career include: Silver Medal and Bronze Medal in the World Championships in LightWeight 8 (1975, 1976); a Gold Medal in the Pan American Games in Eight (1979); Silver Medal as a member of the US Olympic Team Eight at the World Cup Championships (1980); National Champion Single Sculls (1982); Team Captain, Bronze Medal Pan American Games Single Sculls (1983); Bronze Medal World Cup Championships Quadruple Scull (1984); Coach, Gold Medal Eight at Pan American Games (2011); and Technical Director, El Salvador Rowing at the London Olympics (2012).

Today Colgan resides in Delray Beach, Florida, and serves as the Chairman, Owner, and Founder of International Materials (Bryn Mawr, PA, and Delray Beach, FL), a minerals trading company. He is also Chairman, Co-Founder, and Majority Owner of Synthetic Materials, the largest processor of synthetic gypsum in the United States, with 14 plants throughout the East and Midwest. Colgan continues his commitment to the sport of rowing as a member of the Board of Directors of the National Rowing Foundation since 1992; and as the president of Power Ten, the annual rowing dinner, held in New York City.

Colgan founded Colgan Foundation in 1995 to benefit athletic, scientific, and Catholic education causes. For more information on featured projects, click here. The father of four children, Colgan is joined on the board by his daughter, Eimile Colgan; niece, Flavia Colgan; and surgeon and conservation expert, Dr. Bibi Rogers.

Board of Directors

Bibi Rogers

Managing Director

Eimile Colgan


Flavia Colgan


Board of Directors

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