Originating from South Africa, we introduce our family-owned and operated business, L2D Combat, located in Florida, USA. L2D Combat is owned by Ian Heunis, a former South African military member, who earned his stripes fighting in the bush and deserts of Africa. We are firearm enthusiasts with a passion for competitive shooting, cutting edge technology and collecting a broad inventory of firearms and accessories.

L2D Combat is a registered federal firearms licensed 07/manufacturer/dealer and 02/Sot licensed to sell NFA Class 111 firearms, suppressors and munitions. We manufacture, sell and source all types of firearms. We also specialize in manufacturing and modifying GLOCK slides milled from 416 stainless steel raw bar complete to the finished product.

Our customization services include full and partial stippling of various textures, trigger modifications and undercuts, mag wells and a variety of other custom services. We have the ability to fully customize our slides in a variety of unique cuts and amazing finishes. We stand by the quality and precision of our products and look forward to being of service to you.

L2D Combat. We…Live 2 Defend.